Judith Dunbar
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Fields of Gold

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In 1993, Sting released his song entitled "Fields of Gold". I have a special connection to it. It is a song that describes a special time in my life and describes a place where I spent time with the special boy who would eventually become my husband. I created this painting in 2024 over 30 years later and entitled it "Fields of Gold" as a tribute to Sting for capturing this cherished time.

Ken and I grew up with Sting's music throughout our teens and into our adulthood. He ranks among our favorite musical artists to this day, and we appreciate the man he has become over time. As teens, we reveled in his provocative and edgy melodies that were unique for that time, and we savored his thought-provoking lyrics, sexy to our youthful entry into an ever-evolving world. Looking back, we were simply a young couple in love, experiencing all that life could offer within the confines of a small farming community. That same community was surrounded by crop fields, and of course, fields of golden barley. We walked in those fields, dreamed in them, and stole kisses among their golden stalks. It was such an innocent and beautiful beginning to what would eventually become our married life together. Now, after 45 years of marriage, Fields of Gold still resonates with us and those sweet, sweet moments in time.

Fields of Gold

Our life has changed significantly over the years. Ken and I have grown together in both maturity and experience. We were fortunate to meet Sting a few years ago and he did not disappoint. Lovely gentleman and, a spectacular artist.